Encrypted Files Search

Encrypted Files Search 1.2

Encrypted Files Search 1.2: Locate encrypted zip files and pgp disks with Encrypted Files Search Encrypted Files Search - is a file search utility designed to locate encrypted files on your hard disk. What can it do? Encrypted Files Search allows to find any zip file, which has a password (is encrypted) and PGP disks. Why use it? Use it to find important data that you lost. Once you lost zip-archive with your sensitive files you should find it within over thousands of different zip files. With Encrypted Files Search you can find any zip file

Files Search Assistant 3.1: Search lost and missing files with preview and powerful filters
Files Search Assistant 3.1

Files Search Assistant provides you with: - Custom Search options, where you can setup your preferable search settings, such as folders to search in and files to search for; - Custom File Masks, where you can specify types of files, which you usually search for; Some functions make Files Search Assistant an irreplaceable tool on your desktop. It allows: - Search over network; - To do sub search in zip files; - Perform search within results; - Search

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Search Duplicate Files 9.67: Search Duplicate Files, Delete duplicate files and Remove duplicate files
Search Duplicate Files 9.67

Search Duplicate Files - How? Search for duplicate files - easily with the Software, Recommended by Microsoft(R). Find duplicate files, search for duplicates, delete duplicate files and remove duplicate files - everywhere on your computer. Search duplicate files on hard disk, find duplicate files and remove file duplicates with the duplicate finder. Search for Duplicate Files - Download software to Find duplicates at !

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Files Search for LAN 1.0: Search utility, which is based on the fastest and high performance search engine
Files Search for LAN 1.0

Files Search for LAN 1.0 is a search utility, which is based on the fastest and high performance search engine. Main features of the "Files Search for LAN 1.0": - Multithreaded search with ability to customize number of using threads. - Multiply search. You can perform search for several search templates at the same time. - Patterns search. You can perform search for specific kind of files. Very siutable for the mp3 files search.

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Microcrypt Pro - File Encryption 3.184

encrypted and because Microcrypt uses headers to encrypted files, you may still search for project files online by simply indexing files on your internet or intranet network. Because the file header is added after file encryption, you can add, remove or modify both Global and Local file data at any time. The shareware version is restricted by the fact that you may not change the built-in password so all encrypted files are all the same and any person

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SoftAmbulance EFS Recovery 1.86: EFS Recovery will automatically restore EFS encrypted data from NTFS partitions
SoftAmbulance EFS Recovery 1.86

encrypted files and folders or accidentally formatted an EFS partition or the worst - witnessed your HDD failure, don`t get upset. Just enter your original Windows account password and get an immediate access to all data considered to be lost. EFS Recovery deals with encrypted files and folders, supporting AES, 3DES, DESX encryption types. The tool doesn`t require your current Windows version to match the version encrypted files were created in.

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Network Files Search Tool 7.0: Network files search software search specific file name across the LAN network
Network Files Search Tool 7.0

search PRO is a powerful and easy to use utility for fast file searching on the network server. You can search for any kind of file using this software. LAN search software offers a lightning fast search engine and includes the ability to search hidden network resources, restricted access resources, IP subnets and much more. Beside the file searching capabilities, Network file search software provides features that permit you to perform action on

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